More Than 80 Kermanshah Prisoners On Death Row

Currently, more than 80 prisoners in the city of Kermanshah detained in Central Prison and are awaiting execution.

The identity of 12 kurdish prisoners on death row has been confirmed:

  1. Mehran Ashrafi
  2. Mehrdad Karami
  3. Elahi Ahmadian
  4. Cyrus Karimi
  5. Fariborz Abdollahi
  6. Khayam Ghebadi
  7. Yazdan Foroushani
  8. Abdolrahman Mozafari
  9. Masoud Vakili
  10. Mohammad Bazani
  11. Bahman Fathi
  12. Keyvan Foadfar


FB April 2, 2016

Non-Exhaustive List Of Sick Political Prisoners During Naw-Ruz

Here the names of some rights activist prisoners who are sick and held in prison during iranian new year Naw-Ruz

  • Lawyer Human Rights Activist Abdolfattah Soltani, 
  • Human Rights Activist Narges Mohammadi 
  • Journalist Isa Saharkhiz
  • Political Prisoner Ahmad Danesh Pour Moghadam
  • Human Rights Activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki
  • Kurdish Political Prisoner Zeinab Jalalian
  • Hadi Ghaemi, director of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
  • Political Prisoner Mphammad Nazari
  • Journalist Saeed Razavi Faghih

FB March 21, 2016

Iran Alarming Rate Of Executions Including Juveniles

Former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was once single-handedly the most significant factor in damaging Iran’s global image with his inflammatory statements denying the Holocaust. But that has now given way to the alarmingly high level of capital punishment.
News of positive developments in Iran is punctuated every so often by the execution of a new group of people. Mohammad-Javad Larijani, the head of Iran’s state-run high council for human rights, has indicated that there are efforts to take a new law to parliament that will result in “almost 80% of the executions” going away but it is unclear if that effort is serious.
Most people executed are sentenced to death for drug offences, with trials widely condemned as unfair. Sotoudeh said too many cases have only one judge presiding from the beginning to the end when a death sentence is issued without judgments being challenged or thoroughly examined. It emerged last month that the entire adult male population of a village in southern Iran had been executed for drug offences, said the vice-president for women and family affairs.

According to Amnesty International, Iran remains a prolific executioner, second only to China. In 2014, at least 753 people were hanged, of whom more than half were drug offenders. In 2015, the group said it had recorded “a staggering execution rate” in the country, “with nearly 700 people put to death in the first half of the year alone”. It said in a report published in January that 73 juvenile offenders had been executed between 2005 and 2015. One, Amir Amrollahi, is currently on death row even though he committed the crime when he was 16.
Not everyone on death row in Iran is a drug smuggler. Mohammad Ali Taheri, who has been held in solitary confinement since May 2011, is facing death for “spreading corruption on earth” through establishing a spiritual group called Erfan-e Halgheh and promoting beliefs and practices that authorities deem un-Islamic. 

from an article that was published originally here



FB March 5, 2016

Four Kamiyaran Citizens Arrested

Four citizens from Kamiyaran are detained in Information Office for more than 2 & 1/2 months. 

Their family remains without any information about them and their fate remains unknown. These four prisoners are from the city of Kamiyaran in Kurdistan province. 

Their names are as follow. 

  1. Farhad Saed Movajeshi
  2. Payam Saed Movajeshi
  3. Sirvan Saed Movajeshi
  4. Hossein Saed Movajeshi



    FB February 16, 2016

    Kurdish Political Prisoner Vali Doroodi Denied Release On Parole

    Vali Doroodi is a Kurdish political prisoner who was denied release on parole.

    Vali Doroudi in Yazd central prison has been deprived of furlough for 17 years.


    According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), this Kurdish political prisoner whom served in Iranian navy was arrested in 80s on charge of collaboration with democratic party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) and was released in 1993.


    He got arrested again in 1996 in Kurdistan and sentenced to life imprisonment and exiled to Yazd prison. Obviously he has spent half of his verdict but still has been deprived of furlough.


    FB december 13, 2015

    8th Year Of Detention Without Furlough & Visit For Kamal Sharifi


    30 Year Prison Sentence for Kamal Sharifi.

    Mr. Kamal Sharifi, is a political activist and a kurdish journalist who was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment.

    He is now in his 8th year of imprisonment and is still denied any visits and furlough. 

    Mr. Kamal Sharifi, a political activist and a journalist was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment on charges of membership in a Kurdish opposition organization.

    Mr. Sharifi was wounded and later on arrested by security forces in the city of Saqiz in early 2008. He was recently sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment by Revolutionary Courts. Mr. Sharifi was working actively on a website that covered news about Kurds in Iran.

    The Campaign to Save Mr. Kamal Sharifi’s Life has thanked all those who helped with the campaign, and has announced that they will fight to overturn this lengthy and unjust prison term.

    FB december 13, 2015

    Journalist Prisoner Masoud Kordpour Released


    Masoud Kordpour, journalist and political prisoner was released after three years of imprisonment.

    Masoud Kordpour, political prisoners, and the correspondent Secretary of Education who was arrested about three years ago and was held in the prison of Urmia, Mahabad, and Bokan, was released from prison.

    To know more about Masoud Korpour see here


    FB december 13, 2015

    Kaveh Salimi & Bahman Moloudi Moved To Mahabad Information Office

    Kaveh Salimi, 26, is a computer engineer, and Bahman Moloudi, 22, a photographer and cameraman.

    Kaveh Salimi & Bahman Moloudi had been arrested in Bukan on november 30, 2015 by Ministry of Information and they had been transferred to an unknown location.

    Now according to HRANA, Kaveh Salimi and Bahman Moloudi have been moved to Mahabad Information Office


    FB. December 8, 2015

    No Medical Treatment For Zeynab Jalalian


    Kurdish political prisoner Ms. Zeynab Jalalian still denied medical care in Khoy prison.

    Zeinab Jalalian, political prisoner, is serving her 8th year while she has been deprived of having furlough and is suffering from different diseases.

    Zeinab Jalalian is spending her eighth year of imprisonment while she is suffering from a serious eye disease and lack of medical treatment and is facing restrictions on her weekly family visits in the prison.

    According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Zeinab Jalalian, political prisoner who is spending her eighth year of imprisonment, in addition to suffering from a serious eye disease and the risk of blindness, is facing restriction on her weekly visits in the prison.

    An informed source in a conversation with HRANA confirmed this news and said that the restrictions are implemented in the prison and by the security officers and prison authorities.

    Earlier, the prison GPs had told her that her eyes need operation and without operation, she will get blind.

    It should be noted that despite the risk of blindness, at the time of this report, there is no medical treatment provided for her.

    Zeinab Jalalian who has been born in 1982 in the city of Mako, was first sentenced to death and then according to the media announcements she was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. But by the time of this report there is no verdict being communicated to her and she is held in prison in an undecided status. This political prisoner has been deprived of any leave in all these eight years.

    Zeinab Jalalian was arrested by the Intelligence agents in Kermanshah in 2007 and was alleged with connection with Kurdish parties and was sentenced to death and then to lifetime imprisonment in the Revolutionary Court. This political prisoner has been under serious pressure in recent years and has been on hunger strike to protest against her situation.



    FB. December 5, 2015

    Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand’s Release On Parole Denied For The Second Time


    For the second time Tehran prosecutor has rejected the release on parole of kurdish human rights activist prisoner, Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand.

    Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand is an Iranian Kurdish human rights activist and journalist. He was the editor of Payam-e Mardom magazine. Also in 2005 he became the founder of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization.

    Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand has been in prison since June 2007 and is continuing to serve an eleven year sentence. For five tortuous months he was kept in Evin Prison’s section 209 and 240 solitary confinement.

    According to human rights groups he is being held “without adequate medical care despite reportedly suffering from serious health problems.” Reports also showed that in April 2008, he suffered a stroke and was taken to a specialist for treatment. If things could not get worse, in October 2008 the Iranian court of appeal upheld Mr. Kaboudvand’s eleven year prison sentence.

    Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudavand documented and reported on human rights violations in Iran’s Kurdish areas, from April 2005, when he established the organization (HROK), until the time of his arrest.

    The charges he was convicted of are “acting against national security through founding of HROK,” “widespread propaganda against the state by disseminating news,” “opposing Islamic penal laws by publicizing punishments such as stoning and executions,” and “advocating on behalf of political prisoners.”

    This kurdish human rights activist, with 8 years of serving the sentence will be released on november 2017.

    FB. 5 december, 2015