Amnesty International: Omid Alishenas Must Be Released

23 June 2017


Iranian human rights defender Omid Alishenas has been detained in Tehran’s Evin prison in poor conditions for more than six months. He is serving a seven-year prison sentence for his peaceful human rights work, which includes campaigning against the death penalty. He is a prisoner of conscience.

Omid Alishenas, 33, has been held in Section 7 of Evin prison since mid-December 2016. He was forced to sleep on the floor for over a month during the winter, when temperatures in Tehran can fall to as low as -5ºC, before receiving a bed, and he now shares an overcrowded room with 20 other prisoners. Omid Alishenas is also compelled to purchase food at his own expense in order to seek to have a more balanced diet since the meals provided by the prison lack sufficient fruit or vegetables. These conditions correspond with other reports Amnesty International has received in the last year about Section 7, some of which indicate that it is infested with cockroaches and mice. Omid Alishenas was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards on 11 December 2016 from his home and taken to Evin prison to begin serving a seven-year prison sentence. Prior to his arrest, he had never received a formal summons to begin serving his prison sentence.

Omid Alishenas was initially sentenced by Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran to 10 years’ imprisonment in May 2015 after the court convicted him of “gathering and colluding to commit crimes against national security” and “insulting the Supreme Leader”. The verdict listed the following peaceful activities as “evidence” of criminal activity: participation in a gathering in front of the United Nations office in Tehran in solidarity with the people of Kobani in Syria; distributing pamphlets against the death penalty; writing posts on Facebook describing the mass execution of political prisoners in the 1980s as inhumane; associating with “troublesome agents” (a reference to human rights activists); and visiting memorials of those killed during the 2009 unrest, referred to in the court verdict as “seditionists”. The verdict also refers to him distributing a film called To Light a Candle, which highlights the denial of the right to higher education to Baha’i students. In September 2016, Branch 36 of the Appeals Court of Tehran reduced his sentence to seven years in prison.

Please write immediately in Persian, English, Spanish, French or your own language:

 Calling on the Iranian authorities to release Omid Alishenas immediately and unconditionally, as he is a prisoner of conscious, held solely for the peaceful exercise of his rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly;
 Calling on them to take immediate steps to address the poor conditions of Evin prison in line with UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Nelson Mandela Rules) and allow national and international monitors to conduct inspection visits to Evin prison;
 Reminding them of their obligation to explicitly recognize the legitimacy of human rights defenders and ensure a safe and enabling environment in which it is possible to defend and promote human rights without fear of punishment, reprisal or intimidation.


Head of the Judiciary
Ayatollah Sadeghi Larijani
c/o Public Relations Office
Number 4, Deadend of 1 Azizi
Above Pasteur Intersection
Vali Asr Street, Tehran, Iran
Salutation: Your Excellency

Prosecutor General of Tehran
Abbas Ja’fari Dolat Abadi
Office of the General and Revolutionary
Corner (Nabsh-e) of 15 Khordad Square
Tehran, Iran
Salutation: Your Excellency

And copies to:
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Hassan Rouhani
The presidency
Pasteur Street, Pasteur Square
Tehran, Iran
Twitter: @Hassan Rouhani (English)


Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please insert local diplomatic addresses below:
Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Fax Fax number Email Email address Salutation Salutation
Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. This is the first update of UA 222/15. Further information:

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FB, June 27, 2017

Four Zahedan Baha’i Prisoners Released On Bail


According to information provided by BahaiNews, four Baha’i residents of Zahedan after 35 days of detention in the Zahedan ministry were released on bail. According to BahaiNews Hida Yazdan, Bahram Rouhani, Mehrnoush Ramezandadeh and Siavash Rahimi were arrested on 26 November 2016 by the security forces and released on bail a few minutes ago on 31 December 2016.
When they were arrested by security forces, their homes were also searched and their property confiscated.

In recent months, three other Baha’is in the name of Tabasom Hosseini, Emilia Hakimian and Farshid Dadvar had also been arrested in the same province of Zahedan and were released on bail.
According to the Islamic Republic of Iranian Baha’i citizens have citizenship rights, but in practice the Baha’is in Iran continuously suffer persecution and deprivation only because of their Bahá’í belief.






FB, December 31, 2016

Baha’i Rights Situation In Iran In 2016

Here some information about the baha’i rights situation in Iran during 2016.

At least 96 baha’is were arrested

12 baha’is went on furlough

9 baha’is were tried

72 baha’i prisoners were released

At least 140 baha’i business were sealed across the country

The tomb of at least 3 Baha’is have been desecrated

At least 129 baha’i student were denied access to the university because of their beliefs

At lest 2 young baha’is were expelled from university because of their baha’i beliefs

5 Baha’i cemeteries were desecrated and destroyed

one baha’i was killed in Yazd because of his baha’i beliefs: Sir Farhang Amiri

At least 6 baha’i homes were raided and their property was confiscated


Tranlated from Baha’i news by @AmisIran





FB, December 30, 2016

Dans la Gloire du Père

« Les principes humanitaires et spirituels énoncés par Baha’u’llah, il y a des dizaines d’années, au fin fond de l’Orient, et qu’il élabora en un système cohérent, sont considérés les uns après les autres, par un monde inconscient de leur origine, comme des signes de progrès de la civilisation. Et le sentiment que l’humanité a rompu avec son passé et que les vieux principes ne sont plus utiles devant les urgences du temps présent rend tout homme de réflexion perplexe et consterné, à l’exception de ceux qui ont appris à trouver dans l’histoire de Baha’u’llah le sens de tous les prodiges et présages de notre temps. » Shoghi Effendi »
Extrait de :, www.bahai. «DANS LA GLOIRE DU PERE»

FB, November 12, 2016

Deprived From Higher Education Baha’i Students’ Letter To Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Honorable Dr. Rouhani

We, a group of young Iranians, would respectfully like to bring the educational injustice against us to your attention as an executive authority and ask for immediate and efficient action in regards to this issue. A particular group of young people in previous generations before 1383, were not even allowed to register for the National Entrance Examinations and for this generation, who is banned from entering the university now by a baseless and bizarre result such as “incomplete dossier” by the Assessment Organization at the time of announcing the results. A ban solely because of personal religious conviction of a series of restrictions on the Iranian Baha’i community which its historical record is clear to you as well as everyone.
The goal of this letter is not to mention all the deprivations suffered by the country’s largest religious minority. So we like to direct your attention only to the right to education as one of the fundamental rights of citizenship, a right which its violation has challenged our collective dream to build a prosperous Iran over the years and it has mocked every definition of freedom.
An exclusion which it has deprived the qualified and intellectual Baha’i youth from playing their constructive role in the society, and it has not only not rewarded them with the right to higher education, but it has caused them to face long-term incarceration. In describing this tragedy let’s not cease to note that the Baha’i youth are deprived of the right to higher education even in prison.
Wouldn’t this be contrary to the views of stellar laws of Islam and the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran? A law established regardless of religious belief, color, and ethnicity, with equality and entitlement of the right to education. The rights approved in the Human Rights Convention and the Universal Declarations, Thus the understanding of this point may not be easy for us and for future generations despite such divine and legal norms why in an era when enjoying civil rights is praised, such actions being carried out?
We are a group of Iranian Baha’i youth, despite the underlying problems and the continuous efforts of some to count the Baha’is as outsiders trying to reaffirm our determination to serve this land. We strive to focus our sights on building, strengthening and improving the fabric of our society despite the present conditions and we hope you will fulfill your sublime speech regarding materializing the rights of students and realize the expanded correct principles of justice in our country.

FB, October 15, 2016

14 Baha’is Arrested In Iran


14 baha’i citizens were arrested in Karaj and Shiraz on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

The house of these Baha’is were attacked without any official entry authorization and these Baha’is were arrested.

The names of these 14 arrested baha’is are:

  • Shamim Akhlaghi
  • Sahba Farahbakhsh
  • Sahba Maslahi
  • Ahdieh Enayati
  • Mahyar Sefidi
  • Shadi Sadegh Eghdam
  • Vargha Kaviani
  • Maryam Eslami
  • Soroush Ighani
  • Marjan Gholampour
  • Mojgah Gholampour
  • Farid Shadman
  • Farzad Shadman
  • Parisa Rouhi Zadegan




FB, September 29, 2016

List Of 47 Baha’is Deprived Of Education Since March 2016

At least 47 Baha’is in different cities of Iran in the higher education entrance examination in this iranian year(from March 2016),  were banned from continuing their education at university.

Translation from HRA

  1. Saraj Azadi from Abadan
  2. Mehrdad Zehni fromMiandoab
  3. Shaghayegh Rajaei from Karaj
  4. Nazanin Nikouseresht from Tehran
  5. Rasam Farahani From Esfahan
  6. Misagh Laghaei from Gharveh Kordestan
  7. Shakiba Asadi from Khoramabad
  8. Samir Shams from Esfahan
  9. Zohreh Fazli from Karaj
  10. Ilia Javidnia from Tehran
  11. Sarnia Hemat from Tehran
  12. Vahid Sadeghi
  13. Hanan Rouhi from Esfahan
  14. Nora Talei Ardekani
  15. Bahareh Rahmani Mehdi Abadi
  16. Bashir Ghavami
  17. Navid Salehi from Babolsar
  18. Kiana Rezvani
  19. Afshan Eshaghian from Najafabad de Esfahan
  20. Shadi Bahrami from Ghazvin
  21. Rojhina Pourshahrezaei from Karaj
  22. Tanin Azadi from Abadan
  23. Naghmeh Forouzan from Shiraz
  24. Behzad Fakhranian from Shiraz
  25. Mona Houshmand from Shiraz
  26. Maedeh Hoseini from Esfahan
  27. Foad Soleimanian from Boroujerd
  28. Forouzan Bahrampour
  29. Leva Zinli from Kerman
  30. Darsa Kamali
  31. Mounes Ghalili from Shahin Shahr
  32. Dorna Rouhipour from Esfahan
  33. Farnaz Notghi from Hamedan
  34. Maziar Ostani from Tehran
  35. Anif Daneshgar from Esfahan
  36. Shakiba Asadi from Tonkabon
  37. Aida Fallah from Shiraz
  38. Afif Rahmani from Esfahan
  39. Nava Eslami from Zahedan
  40. Darsa Rezvani from Karaj
  41. Mobin Talei from Shiraz
  42. Parsa Danesh
  43. Arvin Azadi from Abadan
  44. Kamand Sanaei from Rasht
  45. Mahnoush Mokhtari
  46. Ava Fahandajh from Shiraz
  47. Elhan Hoseini from Esfahan


Translated by

FB, September 23, 2016

A Tehran Baha’i Arrested


At the morning of 3 august 2016, Iranian Intelligence Officers raided the house of baha’i citizen Mr. Yashar Rezvani in Tehran and he was arrested.

In this altercation the two doors of the house were broken and smashed. Personal items were confiscated and Mr. Yashar Rezvani was placed in custody.

The reasons for his arrest and the charges against him are unknown. But as in all cases of persecution against the Baha’i community, it is likely that this attack follows the continuing repression of the Baha’i community of Iran.

Yashar Rezvani is a Baha’i born in Kerman and lives in Tehran.

(translated from Bazdasht)





FB, August 4, 2016

Baha’i Prisoner Keyvan Pakzadan Released On Bail


Keyvan Pakzadan, one of the baha’i citizen prisoner, was released today from Evin prison on bail.

He was arrested 33 days befor.

He was arrested on June, 1, 2016, at the home of his sister by Iran security forces.

The security forces, not only confiscated his personal belongings including personal computer and phone, but also during this raid operation, his sister’s house was searched too and some homeowner equipments was also seized.




Fereydoun Badkoubé, July 4, 2016