Baha’i Rights Situation In Iran In 2016

Here some information about the baha’i rights situation in Iran during 2016.

At least 96 baha’is were arrested

12 baha’is went on furlough

9 baha’is were tried

72 baha’i prisoners were released

At least 140 baha’i business were sealed across the country

The tomb of at least 3 Baha’is have been desecrated

At least 129 baha’i student were denied access to the university because of their beliefs

At lest 2 young baha’is were expelled from university because of their baha’i beliefs

5 Baha’i cemeteries were desecrated and destroyed

one baha’i was killed in Yazd because of his baha’i beliefs: Sir Farhang Amiri

At least 6 baha’i homes were raided and their property was confiscated


Tranlated from Baha’i news by @AmisIran





FB, December 30, 2016

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