Four Zahedan Baha’i Prisoners Released On Bail


According to information provided by BahaiNews, four Baha’i residents of Zahedan after 35 days of detention in the Zahedan ministry were released on bail. According to BahaiNews Hida Yazdan, Bahram Rouhani, Mehrnoush Ramezandadeh and Siavash Rahimi were arrested on 26 November 2016 by the security forces and released on bail a few minutes ago on 31 December 2016.
When they were arrested by security forces, their homes were also searched and their property confiscated.

In recent months, three other Baha’is in the name of Tabasom Hosseini, Emilia Hakimian and Farshid Dadvar had also been arrested in the same province of Zahedan and were released on bail.
According to the Islamic Republic of Iranian Baha’i citizens have citizenship rights, but in practice the Baha’is in Iran continuously suffer persecution and deprivation only because of their Bahá’í belief.






FB, December 31, 2016

Baha’i Rights Situation In Iran In 2016

Here some information about the baha’i rights situation in Iran during 2016.

At least 96 baha’is were arrested

12 baha’is went on furlough

9 baha’is were tried

72 baha’i prisoners were released

At least 140 baha’i business were sealed across the country

The tomb of at least 3 Baha’is have been desecrated

At least 129 baha’i student were denied access to the university because of their beliefs

At lest 2 young baha’is were expelled from university because of their baha’i beliefs

5 Baha’i cemeteries were desecrated and destroyed

one baha’i was killed in Yazd because of his baha’i beliefs: Sir Farhang Amiri

At least 6 baha’i homes were raided and their property was confiscated


Tranlated from Baha’i news by @AmisIran





FB, December 30, 2016