Deprived From Higher Education Baha’i Students’ Letter To Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Honorable Dr. Rouhani

We, a group of young Iranians, would respectfully like to bring the educational injustice against us to your attention as an executive authority and ask for immediate and efficient action in regards to this issue. A particular group of young people in previous generations before 1383, were not even allowed to register for the National Entrance Examinations and for this generation, who is banned from entering the university now by a baseless and bizarre result such as “incomplete dossier” by the Assessment Organization at the time of announcing the results. A ban solely because of personal religious conviction of a series of restrictions on the Iranian Baha’i community which its historical record is clear to you as well as everyone.
The goal of this letter is not to mention all the deprivations suffered by the country’s largest religious minority. So we like to direct your attention only to the right to education as one of the fundamental rights of citizenship, a right which its violation has challenged our collective dream to build a prosperous Iran over the years and it has mocked every definition of freedom.
An exclusion which it has deprived the qualified and intellectual Baha’i youth from playing their constructive role in the society, and it has not only not rewarded them with the right to higher education, but it has caused them to face long-term incarceration. In describing this tragedy let’s not cease to note that the Baha’i youth are deprived of the right to higher education even in prison.
Wouldn’t this be contrary to the views of stellar laws of Islam and the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran? A law established regardless of religious belief, color, and ethnicity, with equality and entitlement of the right to education. The rights approved in the Human Rights Convention and the Universal Declarations, Thus the understanding of this point may not be easy for us and for future generations despite such divine and legal norms why in an era when enjoying civil rights is praised, such actions being carried out?
We are a group of Iranian Baha’i youth, despite the underlying problems and the continuous efforts of some to count the Baha’is as outsiders trying to reaffirm our determination to serve this land. We strive to focus our sights on building, strengthening and improving the fabric of our society despite the present conditions and we hope you will fulfill your sublime speech regarding materializing the rights of students and realize the expanded correct principles of justice in our country.

FB, October 15, 2016

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