14 Baha’is Arrested In Iran


14 baha’i citizens were arrested in Karaj and Shiraz on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

The house of these Baha’is were attacked without any official entry authorization and these Baha’is were arrested.

The names of these 14 arrested baha’is are:

  • Shamim Akhlaghi
  • Sahba Farahbakhsh
  • Sahba Maslahi
  • Ahdieh Enayati
  • Mahyar Sefidi
  • Shadi Sadegh Eghdam
  • Vargha Kaviani
  • Maryam Eslami
  • Soroush Ighani
  • Marjan Gholampour
  • Mojgah Gholampour
  • Farid Shadman
  • Farzad Shadman
  • Parisa Rouhi Zadegan




FB, September 29, 2016

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