Nine Baha’i Businesses Allowed To Reopen

Nine Baha’i-run businesses in Sari and Ramsar, which were sealed by local authorities on May 1, have been given permission to reopen. The Baha’i businesses were shut down by the authorities because they had closed to allow the Baha’is working there to observe Baha’i holy days. But the authorities’ action was illegal, since the law allows all businesses in Iran, except for essential services, to close for up to 15 days per year.

The news that the businesses may reopen is surprising and gives hope that the authorities may begin to observe the law in their relations with Baha’is. The 6 Baha’i businesses in Kerman province that were closed down in April 2015 are still sealed, and another 7 have since been shut down. The picture is similar across Iran: Baha’i businesses are frequently closed down but seldom allowed to reopen. However a number of international business leaders have recently been pressuring Iran to halt its economic discrimination against Baha’is, “as an affront to the freedom to do business.”

source from sen’s daily



FB May 15, 2016

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