At Least 5 Political Prisoners In Exile In Masjed Soleiman Prison

This report is a brief description of the situation in the prison of Masjed Soleyman. A small prison in recent years, the media have spoken because it became the place of exile for security and political prisoners, and at the moment at least five political prisoners are kept in.

Masjed Soleiman is a small prison where more than 500 prisoners are placed in three different wards.

The names of five political prisoners who are currently in prison of Masjed Soleiman, with charges and the sentence as follows:

  1. Changiz Moghadam pour, Enmity against god and relationship with kurdish parties, 30 years imprisonment in exile
  2. Saeed Salvati, Enmity against god and relationship with kurdish parties, 15 years imprisonment in exile
  3. Hamed Reigi, Enmity against god, 15years imprisonment in exile
  4. Ghader Reigi, Enmity against god, 10 years imprisonment in exile
  5. Abdolghader Baziani, Enmity against god, 10 years imprisonment in exile


FB January, 9, 2016

Baha’i Prisoner Navid Haghighi Najaf Abadi Released


Navid Haghighi Najaf Abadi a Baha’i prisoner in Arak prison, according to law enforcement on parole, was recently released from prison.

This baha’i with 19 other Baha’is had been tried by the Court of Yazd.

20 Baha’is who previously had been arrested, all of them had been sentenced to one to four years imprisonment. These sentences were handed down by the Directorate General of the Revolutionary Court of Yazd. These sentences were confirmed by the Court of Appeal April 16, 2014.

The names of these 20 baha’is with their sentence:

  1. Saba Golshan 5 years – Isfahan
  2. Shahram Eshraghi – Isfahan
  3. Khosro Dehghani – Isfahan
  4. Shahram Fallah -Kerman
  5. Navid Haghighi – Yasouj
  6. Iman Rashidi, 4 years – Yazd
  7. Fariborz Baghi
  8. Nategheh Naeimi
  9. Shabnam Motahed
  10. Fariba Ashtari – Yazd
  11. Naghmeh Farabi, three years – Isfahan
  12. Farah Baghi
  13. Mehran Eslami
  14. Azam Motaheri
  15. Farahnaz Misaghian – Yazd
  16. Sohrab Naghipour
  17. Azar Tolouei Pour Khorsand
  18. Sasan Haghiri
  19. Tahereh Rouhani
  20. Vida Haghighi, 2 Years – Isfahan



FB January, 11, 2016

Baha’i Student Arsalan Mirzaei Expelled From University


Arsalan Mirzaei a Bahá’í student was expelled from the university of Ahwaz while he was in the third quarter of his engineering course.

Arsalan Mirzaei was expelled because of his belief in the Baha’i Faith.

The first Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948 plans the right to education for all people regardless of race, color, religion and sexuality.

Exclusion from university of Baha’is in Iran after the Islamic Revolution has been systematically implemented.



FB January, 11, 2016

Baha’i Shamim Rouhani Arrested

According to Baha’i News Shamim Rouhani, a Baha’i resident of Ahwaz was arrested and transferred to prison to serve sentence.

This Baha’i citizen had been earlier arrested on Tuesday 5, november 2013 and after searching his house his religious books and  personal documents were confiscated, and he was transferred to the detention center of the Ministry of Information.
Before he had been sentenced by the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz on charges of « propaganda against the regime » and « membership in the Baha’i religion » and was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment and 2 years exile to Khouzestan province.
Shamim Rouhani had previously been  arrested in November 2013 and had been released on bail after a few months.

FB January, 11, 2016

At Least 39 Political Prisoners In Zahedan Prison

In the following list, you find the names of 39 political prisoners with various charges such as « acting against national security » who are held in Zahedan prison.
Most of these prisoners are detained without sentence.
At various stages of the proceedings they have no access to the appointed lawyer and have been under pressure to make forced confessions.
  1. Eidovak Shah
  2. Abdolghani Shah
  3. Jalaledin Esmaeil
  4. Khoda Rahm Shah
  5. Nasir Mohammad Zamani
  6. Zabir Hout
  7. Abdol Khalegh Jafa Dar
  8. Shaeib Mola Zahi
  9. Abdolvahab Shavazi Kah Molouyeh
  10. Doustin Baluch
  11. Abed Bampouri
  12. Ataollah Hout
  13. Abdolbaset Hout
  14. Abdolhamid Kia
  15. Bashir Balideh
  16. Hamid Reissi
  17. Hassan Dehvari
  18. Alias Andarzhi
  19. Edris BAlideh
  20. Nour Mohammad Nohani
  21. Aboubakr Bahram Zahi
  22. Aboubakr Mala Zahi
  23. Davood Bahram Zahi
  24. Abdolsatar Bahram Zahi
  25. Mohammad Amer Bahram Zahi
  26. Ariz Sadeghi
  27. Jan Mohammad Bari
  28. Mohammad Azim Jalaei
  29. Ershad Baluch
  30. Pir Bakhsh Khorram
  31. Dadrahim Baluch
  32. Moslem Dahvari
  33. Nasir Ahmad Baluch
  34. Ali Nazar Shah
  35. Nasir Barjasak
  36. Hekmatollah Shah
  37. Monir Ahmad Askani
  38. Mohammad Isa Shirzahi
  39. Javid Dehghan Khordeh






FB January, 9, 2016

Baha’i Prisoner Ms. Nakisa Hajipour Released On Bail

Baha’i prisoner from Mashhad, Nakisa Hajipour was released from Vakil Abad prison on January 7.

Ms. Nakisa Hajipour was among the 20 baha’is who were arrested in Tehran on the morning of Sunday, November 15, 2015 when Iranian Intelligence Ministry agents carried out the arrest of 20 Baha’is in Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad. As part of a massive operation, they also closed down Baha’i-run businesses in the province of Mazandaran.

It appears she has been released on bail pending her trial.



FB January, 8, 2016