Baha’i Student Ms. Elham Pakrou Miandavab Expelled From University

One more baha’i student was expelled from University in Iran.

The deprivation of higher education for baha’i students continue in Iran.

Elham Pakrou Miandavab has been expelled from the Mallard Campus of the Azad University in Tehran because of her Bahai beliefs. She had begun a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. She was summoned to the University’s security office and told she had no right to tertiary education, because she is a Baha’i. She was also excluded from a private educational initiative known as “The network era” because of her religious beliefs.

The first Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 1948 plans the right to education for all people regardless of race, color, religion and sexuality.

But in Iran, the exclusion from university of Baha’is in Iran, just for their beliefs, has been systematically implemented, after the Islamic Revolution Of Iran since 1979 .



FB. January, 13, 2016

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