Baha’i Prisoner Navid Haghighi Najaf Abadi Released


Navid Haghighi Najaf Abadi a Baha’i prisoner in Arak prison, according to law enforcement on parole, was recently released from prison.

This baha’i with 19 other Baha’is had been tried by the Court of Yazd.

20 Baha’is who previously had been arrested, all of them had been sentenced to one to four years imprisonment. These sentences were handed down by the Directorate General of the Revolutionary Court of Yazd. These sentences were confirmed by the Court of Appeal April 16, 2014.

The names of these 20 baha’is with their sentence:

  1. Saba Golshan 5 years – Isfahan
  2. Shahram Eshraghi – Isfahan
  3. Khosro Dehghani – Isfahan
  4. Shahram Fallah -Kerman
  5. Navid Haghighi – Yasouj
  6. Iman Rashidi, 4 years – Yazd
  7. Fariborz Baghi
  8. Nategheh Naeimi
  9. Shabnam Motahed
  10. Fariba Ashtari – Yazd
  11. Naghmeh Farabi, three years – Isfahan
  12. Farah Baghi
  13. Mehran Eslami
  14. Azam Motaheri
  15. Farahnaz Misaghian – Yazd
  16. Sohrab Naghipour
  17. Azar Tolouei Pour Khorsand
  18. Sasan Haghiri
  19. Tahereh Rouhani
  20. Vida Haghighi, 2 Years – Isfahan



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