Widespread Arrests Of Baha’is In Shiraz

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On the night of December 19, Iranian security forces arrested nine Baha’is in the city of Marvdasht, in the Province of Shiraz.

They arrived with 8 police officers, video cameras and a fingerprinting device. The raids began with the home of Mr. Nozar Falah, where agents questioned all the guests who were present and arrested members of the family.

After searching the house, they took one of the guests, Mr. Saraj Kazemi with them, using his own car, and went to his home and searched it.

They seized some books and CDs. On the morning of December 20, the nine arrested Baha’is were taken to the Ministry of Intelligence offices, and were not released.

The nine Bahai’s arrested are members of the two households, and three of their guests. Their names are Nozar Falah, Soadbeh Ha’eri and the 18-year-old Negin Falah, who are members of the Falah family, Mr. Saraj Kazemi, Farahnaz Ashna’i and 18-year-old Elhan Kazemi, in the second family, and from among the guests Jahanbaksh Bazrafkon, Faribah Falah, and Delir Ajideh.

Thus far there has been no indication of the reasons for the raid and arrests, except that the gathering was considered an illegal meeting.


FB December, 20, 2015

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