Over 2 Months In Solitary Mohammad Amin Abdollahi Moved To General Ward


Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, a political prisoner in Birjand prison, after spending more than two months in quarantine was moved to the general ward of the prison.

This prisoner in the prison of Birjand is not in a good condition and he still denied any furlough.

Mohammad Amin Abdollahi a Bukan citizen, was transferred to Birjand prison early October following his protest against his furlough from Tabas prison.

The authorities of Tabas prison in despite of the Bail, have rejected his furlough request, his release on parole and his transfer to a prison near of his residence.

Mohammad Amin Abdollahi while he was in quarantine of Birjand prison was on hunger strike due to difficult conditions of his detention.

Mohammad Amin Abdollah is married and has one child and his family who live in the city of Bukan in West Azerbaijan Province, because of the distance to Birjand and financial problems are not allowed to meet with him.
Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, was arrested on autumn 2005, and after 15 months of uncertainty in Mahabad revolutionary court, was charged with Moharebeh, collaboration with armed Kurdish parties, and propaganda against the state. He was tried and sentenced to a total of 18 years in prison and exile Tabas to prison.
After spending some time in prison of Urmia and Mahabad prison he was exiled to Tabas and Birjand prison and after spending more than two months in quarantine of Birjand prison he was now transferred to the general ward of this prison.

FB December, 19, 2015

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