Unknown Fate of Baha’i Prisoner Navid Aghdasi

That makes two weeks that there is no news of the fate of Navid Aghdasi, a Baha’i who was arrested on 15 November.

Despite the insistent request of his family, to date, judicial officials gave no explanation as to his situation.

Along with the arrest of Navid Aghdasi, 16 other Baha’is were arrested in the cities of Tehran, Esfahan and Mashhad.

It seems that Navid Aghdasi was arrested because he wanted to continue to investigate the causes of the murder of his uncle Ataollah Rezvani.

Ataollah Rezvani was a renowned Baha’i Bandar Abbas, who was brutally murdered in September 2013.

According to the relatives of Navid Aghdasi, he was arrested because he had given interviews to various media, including Voice of America. He was also repeatedly threatened with death.

Other members of Navid Aghdasi’s family have also been subject to threats and harassment. Some of them have been arrested and are in prison right now. their names are: Mohammad Hossein Nakhaei, Sahba Rezvani, Siamak Ighanian and Anisa Fanaeiyan.


FB. november 28, 2015



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