Political Prisoner Shahin Dadkhah On Furlough


Shahin Dadkhah, a prisoner in Evin Prison, had a furlough.

Shahin Dadkhah, a former adviser of the National Security Supreme Council, headed by Hassan Rowhani was sent on leave today for five days.

Born in 1971, doctor Shahin Dadkhah, expert security policy in the Middle East, has had its license at the University of Naples in Italy, and his Masters at the University of Ankara in Turkey and finally he got his Master PhD in International Relations at the University of Madrid in Spain.

Il était consultant pour le Conseil national de sécurité et travaillait comme membre du comité négociateur nucléaire pour Hassan Rohani. Il avait participé aux pourparlers tripartites en 2009 entre l’Iran, l’Irak et l’Amérique qui avait lieu en Afghanistan, dirigée par l’Ambassadeur Kazemi-Qomi qui est le Consul d’Iran en Irak.

He was a consultant for the National Security Council and worked as a member of the committee for nuclear negotiator for Hassan Rohani. He had participated in the tripartite talks in 2009 between Iran, Iraq and America which took place in Afghanistan, led by Ambassador Kazemi-Qomi which is the Iranian Consul in Iraq.

He was arrested in December 2010 by the Ministry of Information and after three months in solitary confinement and 11 months in General Ward 209, was trasferred to Ward 350 of Evin prison.

Shahin Dadkhah, on February 13, 2012 was sentenced by the trial chaired by judge Pir Abbasi, General Manager of Section 26 of the Revolutionary Court.

Three months after he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment by section 15 of the Revolutionary Court chaired by judge Salvati.

Shahin Dadkhah was accused of « collaborating with enemy states » when he was security adviser at the International Secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council during the presidency of Mohammad Khatami.

Shahin Dadkhah, while he spent his fifth year of detention, was transferred at the beginning, to the quarantine of Evin prison and then in Section 8 of this prison. He is now, despite the law of « separation of prisoners according to their crimes » is held with prisoners convicted of financial crimes and the hackers.

In April 2014, he was summoned to Evin Court Branch 6 and his case was again reviewed and new charges were assigned against him. The interrogation session which was held under the chairmanship of Naseri, gave a new accusations that he had revealed classified secret documents. And a heavy bail was demanded.


FB. November 28, 2015



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