A Civil Activist Arrested In Miandoab


According to HRANA, Mehdi Deyhimi a civil rights activist of the city of Miandoab, was arrested after being summoned to the police station.

According to HRA, the organization of Human Rights Activists in Iran, today Tuesday, November 24, Mehdi Deyhimi civil rights activist of Miandoab, after receiving a summons to the police statio, was arrested.

That detention is for serving a year of prison sentence.

Mehdi Deyhimi with Asghar Nosrati un other civil rights activist were already arrested last year on 1 September 2014, by Malekan security forces.

After trial they were charged with « propaganda against the system » to one year in prison but Asghar Nosrati was acquitted of the charges.
Mehdi Deyhimi’s sentence was upheld on appeal Court of Tabriz.

FB. November 24, 2015


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