Widespread Arrests Of Baha’i Citizens

At least 16 members of the Baha’i faith have been arrested in several Iranian cities.

The reason for the new round of arrests on November 15 in Tehran, Isfahan, and Mashhad is not clear.

The authorities have also shut down Baha’i-run shops in several cities, including Kerman and Rafsanjan. (see about this news here)

Baha’is routinely face persecution in Iran, where their faith is not officially recognized.

In recent years, a number of Baha’i leaders have been jailed and Baha’i cemeteries have been reportedly desecrated.

Last year, the United Nations special rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsak, called on Iran to take concrete steps to protect Baha’i and other religious minorities in Iran.

The names of these baha’is recenly arrested on november 15, are:

In Tehran:

  1. Saba Farnoush
  2. Negar Bagheri
  3. Nava Majzoub
  4. Yavar Haghighat
  5. Navid Aghdasi
  6. Helia Moshtiagh

In Esfahan

  1. Keyvan Nikaein
  2. Parvin Nikaein
  3. Yeganeh Agahi
  4. Naeim Janamian
  5. Arshia Rouhani
  6. Navid Hemat

In Mashhad

  1. Sanaz Eshaghi
  2. Nika Pakzadan
  3. Farzaneh Daneshgari
  4. Naghmeh Zabihian

It is clear that as always the only reason for their arrest is because of their peaceful Bahá’í beliefs

These arrests follow the closure of Baha’i workplaces. See here for more information

F.B. November 15

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