In Iran’s Cities 15 Baha’i Businesses Sealed

Fifteen shops belonging to Baha’i simultaneously in three cities, Sari, Ghaem Shahr and Tenakbon were closed by the Office of the General Directorate of town.

A Baha’i confirmed this news and said to HRANA: « On Friday and Saturday, November 13 and 14 it was our twin holy days and we stop to work on these days. The authorities took advantage of this stoppage and the Baha’i stores have been sealed across the country »

The list of baha’is who their Businesses were sealed are:

In Sari:

  • Ashkan Khalili (Winding)
  • Behzad Zabihi (Optometry)
  • Bozorgmehr Har (Optometry)
  • Hoshmand Goli (Clothing)

In GhaemShahr

  • Nima NoKhah (Toy shop)
  • Sohrab Laghai (Optometry)
  • Soheil Hagh Doost (Optometry)
  • Farzad Sabeti (Seller of Wheel)
  • Nima Miri (Cosmetics)
  • Changiz Derakhshanian (Cosmetics & medical)

In Tenakbon

  • Omid Ghaderi (Alarms seller)
  • Farhad Taghipour (Seller and installer of cooler)
  • Rouhollah Ighani (Refrigerator repairman)
  • Michel Esmaeilpour (Seller and installer of cooler)
  • Armin Esmaeilpour (Seller and installer of cooler)

Separate reports from Rafsanjan and two cities in Mazandaran indicate that a considerable number of Bahai-run businesses have been shut down by the authorities, after their owners closed their businesses to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the Bab and Baha’u’llah — the first of two consecutive days known as the twin Holy Days. In Mazandaran, almost ten businesses in Qa`em Shahr and Tenakbon were sealed by the authorities on November 14, and on the same day all the Bahai businesses still operating in Rafsanjan were sealed by local authorities. Twelve Baha’i-run businesses had already been closed. The exclusion of Bahais from economic activities in Iran, and the confiscation of their properties, has become more systematic and widespread in recent years, as the government seeks to reduce this section of the population to subsistence-level serfdom, and to “block their progress.”

Sources from HRANA &

F.B. November 15

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